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Individualized Approach

You'll get a customized approach based on your unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.

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Expert Tutor

A 35-year educator who has helped thousands of students and will understand your specific situation.

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Targeted Preparations

You'll get effective test preparations & strategies to prepare for exams and improve test scores.

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Subject-Specific Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring to ensure you get personalized attention and support in specific subjects.

Don't Take My Word For It

Lucas helped me raise my LSAT score 23 points from my diagnostic to taking the actual test (I believe the average score increase that most test companies advertise is around 10 points). I credit Lucas as a major reason why I will be able to attend the UNC School of Law in the fall.

Mark Larouche

Current JD

Lucas was extremely helpful in every aspect of this course. He showed not only the structure of the test and what it covered, but also knew how to teach it in a way that was best for me to pick up an understanding of the material. His style was extremely helpful and adaptive, and taught me in a way that I could understand and actually learn. He had tons of tricks and tools not shown in the books that increased my score and lowered the time I needed to study. Absolutely very helpful

Bill E.

GMAT Student

Mr. Lucas is very enthusiastic and motivational! Very heplful and very easy to talk to; we all help each other and its a good environment for learning. The LSAT seems less intimidating and he gives you that inspiration to push and to know you can do it! All the helpful notes and strategies I've learned have sharpened my LSAT skills; I would definitely recommend this course and this teacher! I will not take for granted everything I've learned so far!


Truly and inspirational instructor. I enjoy him and his class a lot. What I've learned for LSAT is very useful; I even apply these new analytical skills to my other college courses, and to my life!

Patrick T.

Lucas has been very good at demonstrating the strategies in class. He made excellent use of the time to understand what went wrong, and to figure out how to improve. I have a much greater understanding of the test, and the strategies have been amazingly helpful.

Matthew S.

I really do appreciate the attention to detail, and also the support and positive reinforcement. Lucas makes this a safe place to reveal when I don't understand the material.

Emily E.

Lucas made the course very useful and used relevant examples to help students understand.

GMAT Student

This is a great class! Mr. Penick is a wonderful teacher and he explains the information very thoroughly.

LSAT Student

Classroom interaction has been perfect. Mr. Penick goes over things we couldn't get on our own. Prior to the class I had no idea how to prepare for games, arguments, or reading comprehension, but now I feek like I've gained a lot of knowledge that I'm sure is going to help me for the test.

Melissa D.

Lucas was a great professor. He really knew the material inside and out. He made himself available any time we needed help. I do not have any negative comments; I think what and how he taught was on point and very helpful.

LSAT Student

Polite, responsible, motivating, creative, resourceful, and available to students, Lucas communicates well and presents information well. The course was informative, professional, follows a logical sequence, and was rigorous.


Lucas was really personable and willing to help; he seemed to know everything about every section in every book and test. He was incredibly willing to field questions at any time, even outside class.

Ben C.

A very sharp mind and he is extremely familiar with all practice problems and tests. He provides set, consisten methods for tackling all types of questions. VERY available and willing to take calls 24/7.

Blake F.

Lucas Penick tutored my daughter for the SAT in high school. He is efficient, intelligent and takes a healthy approach to testing. He not only teaches important testing techniques but also encourages a heathy lifestyle during the studying process. I would highly recommend Lucas. He made a real difference in my daughter's scores and was a positive influence in her life.

Holly C.

Lucas was an amazing instructor. Not only was he knowledgable but his teaching style and mannerism were remarkable. He welcomed us with open arms and made himself readily available to all of his students.


Lucas was always open for questions whenever needed. He seemed to be a master of the material, and he had a great attitude , and the course was structured perfectly -- a great instructor overall!"


Lucas was very accomodating to everyone's individual needs, high-energy and engaging, and very knowledgable of the LSAT.

LSAT Student

I enjoyed our sessions and definitely benefitted from them!

Sean P.

If you need someone who understands you and your situation I'm the elite option for you

How It Works


Practice Test

You'll take a practice test simulating test conditions. I'll score it and assess the main problems & solutions for the student.

Identify Challenges and Goals

We'll identify any challenges particular to the student - adhd, autism, disabilities, classes they struggle with and their career & college goals.


Tutoring Sessions

One 3-hour session per week, for 8 weeks. The student needs to develop stamina and durability of focus to prepare for 3.5 hour-long tests.

Preparation Tests

You'll have preparation tests to ensure you're ready for the real exam. An hour a day minimum of preparation for ACT/SAT/PSAT. 3 hours per day minimum for graduate level exams.

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Book a 30-Minute Call

By the end of this call, you'll have a clear path forward and we'll begin to map out a strategic plan based on your goals, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses.

This Call Is Perfect For:

  • Students in need of additional assistance with their education goals.
  • Students in search of academic excellence, motivated to succeed.
  • Students whose goal is to ace the entrance exams at top-50 universities .
  • Students that need someone who understands their situation and helps them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects and exams do you offer tutoring for?
I offer a full range of private tutoring, including ACT, PSAT, and SAT, the FCAT, and every K-12 academic subject. I also tutor for graduate and professional school exams including DAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT-V, and OAT.
How much experience do you have as a tutor & educator?
I have worked extensively with thousands of students of all ages and background for 35 years. My students have gained admission to virtually every college or university in the country, including every one of the Ivy League schools and most, if not all of the top 50.
What sets your tutoring approach apart?
My goal is to transform students' learning approaches, moving from a simplistic mindset to a more mature and strategic one. I focus not only on test preparations but also on teaching valuable study skills, time management, and self-awareness techniques.
What's your educational background and qualification?
I hold a degree from the University of Chicago and am a National Merit Scholar. I have consistently scored in the 99th percentile on the exams I teach.
What results can students expect from your tutoring?
My students typically see an improvement of around 5 points per section on the ACT and 100 points per section on the SAT. However, with dedication and effort, some students have achieved improvements as significant as 12 points on the ACT and 400 points on the SAT. Beyond test scores, students also develop effective study habits, time management skills, and a strategic approach to learning.
How do you help students manage test anxiety?
I employ an encouraging and supportive teaching style, focusing on building confidence and teaching techniques to manage anxiety. My aim is to ensure students not only master the subject matter but also feel confident and calm during exams.
How do you ensure that students not only prepare for tests but also develop a love for learning?
My goal is to transform students' learning approaches, helping them see the value of mastering difficult material and enjoying the feeling of accomplishment. I use their personal experiences and interests to make learning relatable and engaging.

About Me

I'm Lucas Penick. An educator devoted to unlocking your full academic potential.

I've guided over 3000 students to success in the past 35+ years.

My mission? More than just boosting test scores. I'm all about transforming your learning approach and turning challenges into victories

Here's the deal: my students regularly see score jumps of 5 points per ACT section and 100 points per SAT section. But those are just numbers.

What truly matters is the confidence and efficient study habits you'll get by learning how to study effectively.

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